Hume Dam

Hume Dam, formerly the Hume Weir, is a major dam across the Murray River downstream of its junction with the Mitta River in the Riverina region of New South Wales, Australia. The dam’s purpose includes flood mitigation, hydro-power, irrigation, water supply and conservation. The impounded reservoir is called Lake Hume, formerly the Hume Reservoir. It is a gated concrete gravity dam with four earth embankments and twenty-nine vertical undershot gated concrete overflow spillways.

Constructed over a 17-year period between 1919 and 1936, the Hume Dam is located approximately 27 kilometres (17 mi) east of the city of Albury. The dam was built, involving a workforce of thousands, by a consortium of NSW and Victorian government agencies that included the Water Resources Commission of New South Wales, the Public Works Department of New South Wales, and the State Rivers and Water Supply Commission of Victoria.[3] Supplies to the construction site were delivered via rail, through the construction of a branch siding from the Wodonga – Cudgewa railway. Hume Dam is jointly managed by Victorian and New South Wales authorities on behalf of the Murray-Darling Basin Authority. Goulburn-Murray Water manages water and land located in Victoria, and the New South Wales State Water Corporation is responsible for day-to-day operation and maintenance and the management of major remedial works at the dam.

Fall Creek, Victoria

The Falls Creek Alpine Resort is an alpine ski resort in the Hume region in northeastern Victoria, Australia. It is located in the Alpine National Park in the Victorian Alps, approximately 350 kilometres (220 miles) by road from Melbourne, with the nearest town Mount Beauty, approximately 30 km (20 mi) away. The resort lies between an elevation of 1,210 and 1,830 m (3,970 and 6,004 ft) above sea level, with the highest lifted point at 1,780 m (5,840 ft). Skiing is possible on the nearby peak of Mount McKay at 1,842 m (6,043 ft), accessed by snowcat from the resort.

Albury Library Museum

Albury Library Museum is a combined library and museum in Albury, New South Wales, Australia. Designed by Ashton Raggatt McDougall it was opened in 2007. In the first year of its operation the building had 226,000 visitors, of which 80,000 entered the exhibition space. The library has 50,000 books, magazines and electronic media items, and received 80,000 visitors in the first year of its operation, a 50% increase compared to the previous year. The building received the Australian Institute of Architects’s National Award for Public Architecture.

Fremantle War Memorial

The Fremantle War Memorial is a war memorial located on Monument Hill, an 11-acre (4.45-hectare) public reserve and hill in Fremantle, Western Australia. The memorial itself comprises a large obelisk, the Fallen Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Memorial, surrounded by eight smaller memorials. The site, located on High Street near the centre of Fremantle, overlooks Fremantle Harbour, and was established by the Fremantle Town Council in 1928 to commemorate the losses of the First World War, having been used as a public reserve since the early 19th century.

Albury Railway Station

Albury railway station is located on the New South Wales/Victorian border city of Albury. Designed and constructed under the supervision of John Whitton, it opened on 26 February 1882, replacing a temporary structure, which opened on 3 February 1881, when the Main South line was extended fromGerogery.The premiers of both New South Wales and Victoria attended the official opening of the 1881 station, marking the first time in Australian history that two colonial premiers had appeared together publicly.

Commercial Club

Albury’s population was not even 6000 when the Commercial Club began.
On 7th May 1902, 11 men met in the rooms of the Border City Club to form a new club to replace Border City. Auctioneer John Chenery chaired the meeting and in June was elected foundation president.

Membership fees were set at one guinea ($2.10). The name Commercial Club was adopted at the 7th May meeting and might have had something to do with an earlier club of the same name. The Club was founded as a professional and business gentlemen’s only club.

SS&A Club

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